"I have purchased 4 vehicles in the past 2+ years and 3 of them from motorglobe dealers, price for 1 was a little higher at start but for 2 of the vehicles the motorglobe dealer was the lowest price from the start, all 3 from different motorglobe dealers, easy to use, only 1 I did not buy was last December when GM had a 20% off program the motorglobe dealer did not have the vehicle I wanted so I bought from a different dealer, print a coupon shop around get as good a price or better get a check for $200, easy. I recommend this service to anyone."


"Using Motorglobe is a no-brainer and easy as can be. Print the coupon, buy your vehicle, get a $200 check - who doesn't want even more money off the vehicle they purchase? Plus, I found the motorglobe dealer to be much easier to work with than the pressure tactics used by other car dealers I dealt with."

Shane G.

"I am a senior and my son told me about motorglobe, got a couple of prices on a used 2012 chevy cruze and found one at a motorglobe dealer for the same price, bought the car and sent in my coupon and got a check in about 7 weeks, this was simple and if at 78 I ever buy another vehicle I will use motorglobe again."

Jerry F.
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